It’s often said that programmers quit their jobs due to disorganization, lack of support and vision, and no stimulation. Would you agree?

Think about the brief period when you’re between jobs; you’re full of energy, confident that your next intro will be spectacular, once you get the opportunity to begin sharing the brilliant thoughts and ideas you have with the new people you’ll spend a portion of your life with. You read The Books, you’re an avid listener of The Best Podcast, and the people you follow online spark the desire to transform the world around you. …

Recently I had the pleasure to participate on my first Vim Meetup and it was absolutely amazing to see a bunch of enthusiasts talking about this editor that has been continuously growing since its inception.

There was something exciting about this particular Meetup, someone was going to talk about its history! The talk was great and we even got to play with some of the editors that inspired Vim.

There’s so much to say about Vim, Vi and its predecessors that it would take me forever to write about it, so here’s a quick timeline and a few resources in…

A promise is simply a way to handle responses from an asynchronous request. An example I really have fun imagining is when I was a kid, whenever my mom and I would go grocery shopping, I would beg her to buy some of my favorite cookies.

However, with one condition. She would allow me to run to the cookie lane as long as I promised her that I would come back with the cookie’s price, which she would then decide wether or not to buy it based on its price. Meanwhile she could continue with her regular grocery shopping.


One of the problems I had when using terminals was being organized and stay on top of everything that was happening throughout all terminal tabs: logs, jobs, SSH connections, Text Editor (if you’re into terminal-based editors), and the list goes on..

Even though we can only do one thing at a time, there are times where we just want to have a glance at what’s happening in another terminal tab, and the fastest and most effortless way to do that is by moving your eyeballs just a liiiiiiittle bit, without bothering touching your keyboard or mouse.

If you wish you…

Testing is one of those practices that although people are becoming more conscious about, still rare to see in the majority of projects.

This might even be true for startups where the pace is incredibly fast. The team needs to be shipping feature after feature and dealing with a number of complicated and time consuming bugs that who knows when someone will be able to fix it.

However, it won’t be fair to generalize that. VTS is one of those dream places where we can sit and watch all the production code being automatically tested without a single click. …

Gustavo Matias

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